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Monday, July 7, 2008

Gundam 00 Season 2 Revealed

Matured Setsuna and "Exia" ^^

I'm a die hard fan of Gundam, as you all may know gundam 00 just ended it's first season on april (currently replaced by code geass r2) and will continue it's second on october.

as you may seen on the last episode of season 1 (episode 25), all the main frame of the four gundams are still intact, so my instinct is telling me that the use the old mainframe to build the four new gundams.From left (if i'm not wrong) : Keldim, 00, Selavii, and Arios

New "Dynames" kinda weird, others are okay...

And the pilots have aged as well, 4 years older ... will it be 4 years wiser ? hope that setsuna won't be telling "i am gundam" even though it's the best line in gundam series ever (other than kira and athrun screaming each others names)

Isn't the Irish dude is shot by that Ali?

The new uniforms are cool, shows that the organization is more organized (after loosing the influence of veda) ...

Can't wait till October because they will continue the intervention toward eradicating warfare ...

"Exia Mokyo Hachaksuru"

PS : the dome on the chest are missing -_- ... that is one of the best feature of the old gundam, especially when building gunpla ... don't know what kind of gimmick they gonna pull this time ...

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