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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Ice Man

Cool people are really hard to come by ...
That's what i think ... not those who are overly fashion them self, think that they are the star of the show, attitude that think that chick wanna lay them (not the other way around) ... that's uncool IMO...

the cool that i'm talkin about is don't give a damn attitude ... ice cold kind ...
Guy 1 : OMG, there a guy over there met in an accident!
Guy 2 (with cool voice) : i don't give a damn
Guy 1 : but there's blood everywhere
Guy 2 : i don't give a damn
Guy 1 : he's gonna die !!!
Guy 2 : hey, i don't give a damn

okay, maybe not that cold

so, my specimen would be this guy

Name : Prabagharan
Age : 25
Occupation : Lecturer

this guy is the coolest lecturer i've mest so far ... the first time i say him, i thought he was a student and one of the contestant for the elocution contest (why can't they call it public speaking anyway). i went over to him to know each other and the conversation went something like this :

Me : hi, which department are you from ?
Him : JPA (General Studies department)
Me leaning over to Nadia (or better know as elle) whispering : are there students from that department ?
she : i don't think so, he's a lecturer
me : *gasp*

that was the best intro ever...
you guys should go to his frienster to know more bout him ...

PS : from now on, i'm gonna call this attitude as the "cool buddha" attitude ... buddha is like that ...

1 comment:

Mizz Nissa said...

prabha... yes, hes totally cool.. nver give a damn to wateva heppen aroud him....mis la wey... nyway, i miss to write in blog, it just dat ive been bz past few days.. hope i can cntinue writing sooner..