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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Let's Rojak!

this time, i'm gonna mix it all up ... i didn't blog on weekend the last time but since i manage to have some free time, so i'm gonna blog now ... i'm gonna divide it into part so skip to which one you want to read ...

Those who don't want to walk the extra mile, please stand up .... and get out

man, only three week and i learn a lot of people's working habit... there are two types :

  • the ones that come early and go back late
  • and the opposite

and it sucks because my trainee partner is the second one and my supervisor too ... OMG, today i have to carry two conveyor belts on my own out of the production area and my friend cabut because the 5.25 pm bell rang ... idiots ....


More updates on season two, naming mistakes on my earlier gundam blog Selavii = Seravee, Keldim = Cherudim ....

and, this is the good part ... i manage to get my hands on MG Force Impulse ... Yay! ... that is my second MG gundam after Wing ver. Ka ...

This is my drug ... My feed for the addiction ... Thank honey ^^ i owe you one ...


Dark Knight (2008)
"why so serious?"

Yes, It's the dark knight ... even though i didn't watch batman begins, this one is awesome ... the cat and mouse concept was mindbending but it was so cool ... low side on the action but the plot twist by the joker was good enough to make up for the downside ... and two face part was kinda shadowed by the joker ... this version of joker rules

Rating : 9 / 10

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