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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Review time

I have done a few reviews on my friendster page (18 of them and i don't think you've read it) but i don't think it's a good place to do review anyway, so i'm gonna do it on my blog. all reviews are based on my opinion and i hope that i don't offend (if you read it anyway). so here goes ....

First one would be a movie

Movie Review : Pee Wee's Big Adventure (1985)
"Because I don't make monkeys, i train them"

Director : Tim Burton (yes, that Tim Burton)

This movie dumb-kind-in ur face stupid jokes ... right from the start till the end ... at the time i was watching it, i was kinda sleepy (after waking up from 3 hours of sleep to send my brother to kindergarten) but this movie was so funny i couldn't fall asleep ... the story is about Pee-wee Herman embarking on nation-wide adventure in search of his stolen bicycle (rip that of from wiki) ... it was so good that it even get a rating of 100 from rotten tomatoes ....
a clip for you guys , one of the funniest scene in the movie

Rating (out of 10) : ********

Next one is a rock album (i don't do hip-hop anyway)

Album Review : One-X (2006)
"This world will never be what i expected"

Band : Three Days Grace

It's their second album and if they have spawned three number 1 singles in the mainstream rock chart, you know they mean business ... from my point of view, the one-x would mean that they will be one black sheep in the community (like a rebel) ... but that just my opinion ... this album is about adam gontier (the lead singer) fight against drugs during rehab ... it's not the technical kinda rock that i normally review such as mastodon and wolfmother which you need to listen a few times to get the rhythm of the songs ... they are kinda, and i mean "kinda" like linkin park in a way that you hear their songs once and you can dig it(not like the new linkin park) ... songs that you should look out for : pain, never too late, animal i have become and on my own ....

Rating (out of 10): *********

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