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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Things that happens on my birthday

Part 1 of ... hmm, who cares :P

okay, first of all ... my birthday is on 26th September (not that i want to remind you or what, but it's nice if you can ... and I'll try to remember yours ^^)
i search on wiki and they wrote some stuffs that happen on that day and people that live and people that died on that day (but different year of course lar) ...

as you all may know (and some may not), i'm a gamer ...
yes, i admit it ... i'm a nerd , a guy that sticks to his computer press the same buttons millions time just to kill some monsters and gain some petty EXP points ... bla bla bla you get the point...

The reason i made this post is that one of the best video game series was released on my birthday, the very same thay on 1986. and the title is * drum roll*

yes, it's castlevania ... bet you other gamers are jealous right ? right? no? not at all? fine ...

arghhh, who cares? nobody gonna read this anyway ...

PS: a finnish figure skater also born on the same day as me ^_^

Dad!! Book me a flight to finland!!

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