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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Just go to Jusco

Don't worry, I'm not being paid to advertise for them ... just when there today (as of august 31st), and i would like to share some experience ... i think it just open (maybe on the 22nd of August or June O_O) ... arrived there at 10.00 am ... took the bus to butterworth then to jusco on bike ...

so, drumroll ... *ta,ta,ta*

TIME FOR A REVIEW (can review shopping centre one meh?)

the bad news, i didn't have a camera to that shots of the shopping centre >_< ... wish i had my dad's cyber shot ...


the exterior was nice, can't complain much... kinda empty when i entered but i couldn't get out when i want to go back ... got stuck in the crowd X_X ... i don't really like crowded shopping centre ... maybe i was crowded because of merdeka sale ... only 2 and a half storey (the half is a cinema TGV) ... it's in seberang (don't really know the exact location and i sux in geography) ... and the escalator and the elevator is not as obvious as Sunway carnivall (i will compare a lot with it), ... on some of the map boards, there are only diagram and did not print the shops names, inconvinient as you need to refer to the other boards


since i'm a gundam fan, first thing first ... Hunt! ... only found two place -_-||| ... so sad ... still couldn't find the action base for my impulse and unicorn (*gasp* ... hehe new plamo) ... found one location to get gundam at the first floor(above ground floor) in jusco area ... wide variety, a lot of 00 and new MGs there and they are having 20% discount as well... and the other is on the second floor next to the exterior escalator (not the one going to the parking area) called Happy Mag ... only PIRATED ones though ... but can get dengeki hobby ma (taiwan version) and ORIGINAL Bandai Gashapon ...

A lot of branded stuffs, no money so no need to go shopping ... hehe ... one thing i noticed is some of the health and beauty stuffs (like yun nam haircare and new york weight loss) is hidden at the back row ... Very daring strategy ... found a nice t-shirt but again "no money" ....

since i'm a moviegoer, i found out that there is a theater on the third floor (i refer it as the half floor) ... not yet open at the moment ... *sad* ...

i eat too ... of course there is the basic = MKP (McD, KFC, Pizza) ... and starbucks (can't leave that one out) ... but guess what, theres Papa Roti and Big Apple's Donut (nice but still can't beat Dunkins lar ... hehe)


I will definitely come here again for the food, and to check out the dengeki hobby (can't wait for the January and February edition) and test drive the theater ...

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