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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Juru Auto City : Touched!

Went to Juru Auto City yesterday ... followed my dad to check up on my sis Viva and to attend the soft launch of Mazda 6 2.5l ... Started as a sunny day ... but after we reach Seberang Jaya, it poured like there was no tomorrow -_-||| ... So after we check up on the Viva (couldn't pay the downpayment because center is offline after 12.00) we went to the mazda 6 launch ... and this is how it looked like :

No one ... wet ... sadness in the air ...

it was a beautiful car ... with a lot of awesome features (or gimmicks ^^) ... you can start the car without pressing the button on the remote and you can just start the car with the remote in your pocket ... Cool right ... but the downside for me is that i prefer the rounder lights on the older version ... so i'll guess i pass this as my future vehicle ... Shot of the car (only manage to take one as my dad was rushing)


After looking around the Mazda M6 and M5 (the M5 sliding door mechanism is using the PWN10 motor made in the company I'm attending ... Cool) a roar was heard from a near distance ... the fume of exhaust was filling the air ... could it be..?

a Nissan ?!


was it you that roared?


Okay, so that was unexpected, and the last shot was forced to be taken by my sis (she said the ass of the Fairlady was sexy) ... Anyone interested, it's a 2003 model and being sold for RM170k ... kinda cheap in my opinion ...

After coming out from the showroom, my sis drag me to the next one called Western ... and to my surprise, lay this two beauty ...





i think this two beast does not need any introduction ... just stare at them with awe (and an open mouth) ... after that, my dad brought me to Soho ... for lunch ... this is what i had

Soho Chicken Burger + Cheese (yum yum) ^^...

and an awesomely cute matchbox as a souvenir

Like my sis said :" This trip had been worthwhile"

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