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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Item Giveaway : Mags

I guess i won't be posting for a while as I'm kinda and i fallen sick this weekend. But don't worry, I'm gonna do something for a change.

My cabinet has been kinda pack and i want to get of some magazines. So i thought to myself, why not give them away.

Item description : Kreko, Gempak, Starz and misc magazines
Condition : Not new but quite good. Some issue might need repairing and some free gifts might be

Mobile 017-5018127. Please introduce yourself.

I guess that's it for now. Thanks.

"Someones trash might be another's treasure"

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Your Majesty's Service

007 : Quantum of Solace (2008)
"She won't go to bed with you unless you give her something she wants" ~ Dominic Greene

Director : Marc Foster

Since Casino Royale was so good it made it's way into "Movies that Rocks" (made it up myself) list, less see how it's younger brother will do.

So the first few minutes of the movie is a part of Aston Martin DBS ad. Seriously, it shows the edginess of that car in the chase scene. After that, we are shown of the interrogation of Mr. White who got shot at the end of Casino. "The first thing you should know about is, we have people everywhere" says Mr. Greene. And he mean everywhere.

So Bond track down and find out about an organization called Quantum. And one of the member is Dominic Greene that holds the Greene Planet organization. On the way he met Camille that holds her own agenda.

That paragraph above is a summary i read in a newspaper as i don't seriously pass as much information as i can when i watch a movie.

So a few things get was I laugh at the scene where Bond fights Slate in the apartment as the apartment breaks down as easily. There are a few tribute to the older films.

Conclusion : It's not as awesome as the prequel, but i definitely will watch more future Bond films.

Pros : Action... tons of it. Chase scene, hand fights, gun fights, dogfights.

Cons : Brain dead script. Craig's dialogue in Casino was better. Don't know how the other members of Quantum destiny.

Rating : 8/10