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Thursday, December 25, 2008

|\/|3|2|2`/ (|-||21$+|\/|@$

that's Merry Christmas if you don't speak 1337.

so i guess the project of getting rid of the magazines was a failure. no one contacted me -_- ...

so about my Christmas day, like the usual ... at Adam's

What can be more fun that AXN! (you might just as well play some porn)

Drink up punk!

You know he loves his drink, so don't make him angry by taking it away.

Elyse : since danny is busy on the phone, i guess i'll have to act as though i'm listening
Danny : i'll just don't give a fuck and talk my ass off
Keviin : Oooh ... Floating cards ...

Adam : go to google and search "kiddy porn"
Diviya : since Adam is busy , i'll guess i'll entertain myself looking at ...

Adam's pop pop ...

Azalia : ?!

Kumaris : choking ... NEED WATER!