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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rock Discovery: Exit Ten

This is the first post about rock band that I find interesting and I want to share with the world. And what an interesting band that I want to introduce.

The band is Exit Ten or better known as ET or E10.

A little background on the band:

Exit Ten is a progressive rock band from British. They've been active since 2003. What they sound like to me is Bullet for My Valentine and Killswitch Engage but with fresher touch. This maybe due to them being a band with Independent Label.

They have released an album called Remember the Day but I bet you can't get your hands on one as the recording company went bust.

But anyway, check it out as this band have received a lot of praises from rock music reviewers.

Songs worth noting: Technically Alive, Resume Ignore, Warriors

Monday, January 26, 2009


It's driving me mad!

Strike gundam ain't moving that much ...

Keviin's building me so slow that I'm trying to suicide by pulling my guts out ...

DragonHart challenge me to make a FG Gurren Lagann as beautiful as possible

For RM15, this ain't that bad ...

For the challenge, we might do an online voting through blogs, friendster and youtube i guess ...

And this Sinanju cubeecraft might pushed back on the schedule till the next holiday

Don't cry Sinanju T_T ...

Curse Time for G*dd*mn move!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gong Xi

Fa Cai

Wishing all you readers a Prosperous Chinese New Year

Welcome Ox, I'LL TAKE YOU ON!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thanks Mr Postman

Look at what he brought for me yesterday ^^ ...

My first to TOMICA, thanks Mr postman (thanks Ben to be exact ^^)

This is the Nissan GT-R racing car regular release and ...

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X Tomica Limited

This is the YellowHat Nissan GT-R, did some panel linings after sticking the stickers

For the Mitsubishi, did not do anything but the doors can be opened

Meanwhile, for the on going Gundam WIP,


Clearer view of the LED eyes

Process explained ...

Friday, January 23, 2009

Today's Randomness : 24th Jan 09

WTF is wrong with me?


Am i trying to get something that i will never will?

What am I trying to make out of this blog?!

But put some rationality on the table

By using nuffnang:

I took me one week to get 25 cents.

If i need at least RM50.00 to cash out, that will take me 200 weeks!

which is equivalent to 50 months. or 4 years!

on the other hand, what i get with advertlets:

with 15 views at my blog, i get 0.012 cents

which will take me 62500 views of me blog,

which is 208 times the current view of my blog!

WTF am i thinking! even when i have a son, i won't cash out i guess ...

This cruel world -_-

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Paper Never Look So GOOD!


Make and equation here :

The greatest anime character and make it into the awesomest (is that a word 0_o!) paper craft and you will get the destruction of the world!

Just kidding (oh... the look on your face)

Okay, if you've been reading my blog, i guessed that you know who i'm talking about when i say the best anime character right?


He's .... (drumroll ....)


Fire tattoo on the back, sharp glasses and blue spiky hair might be the icon of the decade for this guy.

He is so perfect in a way that they have to kill him in the series, and if they don't, he might overshadow the main protagonist...

Staring into nothingness can make all fangirls drool with jaw hanging

the second part of the equation is the paper craft.

Introduction : CUBEECRAFT!

It's the best paper craft, seriously it made origami became second on the coolness list for me. you can get all the famous icons from games, movies, anime and even real famous people (eg. the current president of US of A, Mr. Barack Obama!)

No glue required. Just fold!

Prelude: no edginess is lost during the "paper"ization process ...

Are you guys ready for this?

Seriously, prepare yourself

All hail Kamina-sama!

Gonna give this to DragonHart tomorrow, be prepare dude!

It just make things cute, and cute things cuter!

Try it guys, link :

Friday, January 16, 2009


And not liking it ...

Bring back memories of childhood. I hate being tagged. Because i'm NOT good in running, i have to be "it" for hours. bla bla bla ...
Huh?! this is not that kind of tag?

oh, okay ... so i have to answer questions? what kind?

the kind that the person that tagged me answered?

what for?

i don't to do it ... (after a knock in the head)


5 things that scares the SH*T out of me :

1. Heights
2. Hip hop rules the world
3. Plastic being banned in this world
4. Religious people ... sorry VERY religious people
5. ghosts?

A dream come true?

5 songs at the moment:

1. Electric Feel by MGMT
2. Angels on the Moon by Thriving Ivory
3. Better by Guns N' Roses
4. Regular John by Queens of the Stone Age
5. Believe by Staind

How to identify a good rock band?
the answer is : Weird band names

5 favorite quote:

1. Gunpla
2. Rock
3. Mae (mom in thai)
4. ...
5. ... (i seriously don't know what i normally say)

All hail God in disguise

5 meaningful things:

1. bliss
2. family
3. friends
4. life
5. ahh ... for the heck of it ... gunpla

Yeah! Not black or white!

5 first time in my life:

1. Piercing - if I can recall it properly, it was only three days after SPM finished. i got in on my left ear. And will get one on my right before i die.

2.Donate blood- this was last year ... wait let me get my blood donation book. on 29th of april 2008 to be exact. Nothing amazing i guess. Thanks Kung for accompanying me. You Rock!

3.Concert - this was on deepavali of 2007 in Stadium Batu Kawan i guess. saw Reshmonu there performing Hey Waley!. He's awesome live. Thanks Dinesh for the concert.

4.Industrial experience - well, this on is new. i undergone my training in Minebea. nothing unusual for you guys. but the funny thing is, my dad and my mom met in this company in thailand. and i trained in this company. feel as though meeting my "grandpa"

5.Gaming - ah ... nice memory. Right mario? you bet, first gaming experience at the age of 3!.

Look how Mario aged trough those years

5 Person i wanna tag!:

1. Elyse
2. Shen Ann
3. Mizz Nissa
4. Mr Prabha
5. Adele

Not this tag!

(Really have no idea who to put ... just put them in random -_-)


Friday, January 9, 2009

Today's Randomness : 9th Jan 09

As i was driving to Village Mall, with Dinesh sitting in passanger... : Get your Slurpee today and get your free chocolate chip ...

We looked at each other ...

The anticipation was building ...

After a round of C&C General, at 11.00 pm...

Beeping as the door swung by ...

One slurpee, and chocolate chips to go with it ...

after a few moment ...


Can you see the chocolate chip, i don't
i only see chocolate rice

7-11 , i'm gonna sue you
You're a disgrace, you can't even have a proper shop name
Just kidding ^^

PS : Found this two books really cheap,
can anyone tell me how much it's worth?

First one is The wind in the willows and the other is Moby Dick.
By The Vancouver Sun

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Building a Ferrari

At a very reasonable cost ^^ ...

Once my dad said that in Thailand, there's a guy that can make a Ferrari shell and use a Toyota frame to put that shell on. So he said that not all the Ferrari's you see on the road might be the real one. So i thought to myself, "it would be a nice alternative to own one ^^"

One of my earlier dreams is to be an automotive engineer so that i can build my own dream car.

As i was sending my dad to the departure, my eyes caught a glimpse of plamo (plastic model in short) at one of the souvenir store. i tried to use my dad laptop to search the price in the market after i see it in the store, as the price tag might not be suitable but to no avail as i can't get connected. So, i just take a wild guess and fork out RM39.90 for it...

Once i arrived home, i searched it on eBay and i only see that international sellers were selling it, for around RM60++ without the shipping cost... so i was lucky i guess ^^

Presenting ... (drumroll)

the Monogram Ferrari Testarossa (produced in 1993)

Red Hot!

open box and contents

As you can see, this might be the biggest scale model for me ever which is 1:24 (imagine gundam in that scale -_-|||). And the skill is level 3, if compared to gunpla, i think it is something like this level 1=HG, level 2=MG, level3=PG!!!. and i think it is really like a Perfect Grade, but with the dificulty of a FG. if you look at the content, all runners is in red except two which is clear and sprayed chrome, molded tyres, a sheet of waterslide decals and a sheet of instruction manual. extras that i have to get, color spray cans (red, black, silver and brown(brown still missing)) and glue (cynoacrilyte and UHU).

Some progress photos :

the shell and 1 step complete engine

shell, chassis and 2 step complete engine

2 step complete engine close up

Legendary horse emblem

1 step close up
just test putting it together

if you look properly, you can still see red under the paint -_-

Old and nostalgic and rare
It's Red
It's Ferrari!

Very bad molding (burr and lots of it)
Not snap fit (my fingers became snap fit because of the super glue -_-)
Decals doesn't work
its a 15 years old model
Its ONLY Red
It's A GODDAMN Ferrari!

Lets do some maths here :
If you read one of my older post, i told you that i touched a Ferrari. Well, that's a second hand one and it cost a whopping 2 million ROYAL Malaysian Ringgit.

One 2nd hand Ferrari = around 15 Mazda RX-8 = around 3333 PG gundam = 50000 this Ferrari model

FYI : in top gear powerlap, Ferrari Enzo rank 9 and Mazda RX-8 rank 95.

so, since i can't say that i own a Ferrari, at least i can go around saying that i "built" one ^^