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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Building a Ferrari

At a very reasonable cost ^^ ...

Once my dad said that in Thailand, there's a guy that can make a Ferrari shell and use a Toyota frame to put that shell on. So he said that not all the Ferrari's you see on the road might be the real one. So i thought to myself, "it would be a nice alternative to own one ^^"

One of my earlier dreams is to be an automotive engineer so that i can build my own dream car.

As i was sending my dad to the departure, my eyes caught a glimpse of plamo (plastic model in short) at one of the souvenir store. i tried to use my dad laptop to search the price in the market after i see it in the store, as the price tag might not be suitable but to no avail as i can't get connected. So, i just take a wild guess and fork out RM39.90 for it...

Once i arrived home, i searched it on eBay and i only see that international sellers were selling it, for around RM60++ without the shipping cost... so i was lucky i guess ^^

Presenting ... (drumroll)

the Monogram Ferrari Testarossa (produced in 1993)

Red Hot!

open box and contents

As you can see, this might be the biggest scale model for me ever which is 1:24 (imagine gundam in that scale -_-|||). And the skill is level 3, if compared to gunpla, i think it is something like this level 1=HG, level 2=MG, level3=PG!!!. and i think it is really like a Perfect Grade, but with the dificulty of a FG. if you look at the content, all runners is in red except two which is clear and sprayed chrome, molded tyres, a sheet of waterslide decals and a sheet of instruction manual. extras that i have to get, color spray cans (red, black, silver and brown(brown still missing)) and glue (cynoacrilyte and UHU).

Some progress photos :

the shell and 1 step complete engine

shell, chassis and 2 step complete engine

2 step complete engine close up

Legendary horse emblem

1 step close up
just test putting it together

if you look properly, you can still see red under the paint -_-

Old and nostalgic and rare
It's Red
It's Ferrari!

Very bad molding (burr and lots of it)
Not snap fit (my fingers became snap fit because of the super glue -_-)
Decals doesn't work
its a 15 years old model
Its ONLY Red
It's A GODDAMN Ferrari!

Lets do some maths here :
If you read one of my older post, i told you that i touched a Ferrari. Well, that's a second hand one and it cost a whopping 2 million ROYAL Malaysian Ringgit.

One 2nd hand Ferrari = around 15 Mazda RX-8 = around 3333 PG gundam = 50000 this Ferrari model

FYI : in top gear powerlap, Ferrari Enzo rank 9 and Mazda RX-8 rank 95.

so, since i can't say that i own a Ferrari, at least i can go around saying that i "built" one ^^

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