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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Paper Never Look So GOOD!


Make and equation here :

The greatest anime character and make it into the awesomest (is that a word 0_o!) paper craft and you will get the destruction of the world!

Just kidding (oh... the look on your face)

Okay, if you've been reading my blog, i guessed that you know who i'm talking about when i say the best anime character right?


He's .... (drumroll ....)


Fire tattoo on the back, sharp glasses and blue spiky hair might be the icon of the decade for this guy.

He is so perfect in a way that they have to kill him in the series, and if they don't, he might overshadow the main protagonist...

Staring into nothingness can make all fangirls drool with jaw hanging

the second part of the equation is the paper craft.

Introduction : CUBEECRAFT!

It's the best paper craft, seriously it made origami became second on the coolness list for me. you can get all the famous icons from games, movies, anime and even real famous people (eg. the current president of US of A, Mr. Barack Obama!)

No glue required. Just fold!

Prelude: no edginess is lost during the "paper"ization process ...

Are you guys ready for this?

Seriously, prepare yourself

All hail Kamina-sama!

Gonna give this to DragonHart tomorrow, be prepare dude!

It just make things cute, and cute things cuter!

Try it guys, link :

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