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Friday, January 16, 2009


And not liking it ...

Bring back memories of childhood. I hate being tagged. Because i'm NOT good in running, i have to be "it" for hours. bla bla bla ...
Huh?! this is not that kind of tag?

oh, okay ... so i have to answer questions? what kind?

the kind that the person that tagged me answered?

what for?

i don't to do it ... (after a knock in the head)


5 things that scares the SH*T out of me :

1. Heights
2. Hip hop rules the world
3. Plastic being banned in this world
4. Religious people ... sorry VERY religious people
5. ghosts?

A dream come true?

5 songs at the moment:

1. Electric Feel by MGMT
2. Angels on the Moon by Thriving Ivory
3. Better by Guns N' Roses
4. Regular John by Queens of the Stone Age
5. Believe by Staind

How to identify a good rock band?
the answer is : Weird band names

5 favorite quote:

1. Gunpla
2. Rock
3. Mae (mom in thai)
4. ...
5. ... (i seriously don't know what i normally say)

All hail God in disguise

5 meaningful things:

1. bliss
2. family
3. friends
4. life
5. ahh ... for the heck of it ... gunpla

Yeah! Not black or white!

5 first time in my life:

1. Piercing - if I can recall it properly, it was only three days after SPM finished. i got in on my left ear. And will get one on my right before i die.

2.Donate blood- this was last year ... wait let me get my blood donation book. on 29th of april 2008 to be exact. Nothing amazing i guess. Thanks Kung for accompanying me. You Rock!

3.Concert - this was on deepavali of 2007 in Stadium Batu Kawan i guess. saw Reshmonu there performing Hey Waley!. He's awesome live. Thanks Dinesh for the concert.

4.Industrial experience - well, this on is new. i undergone my training in Minebea. nothing unusual for you guys. but the funny thing is, my dad and my mom met in this company in thailand. and i trained in this company. feel as though meeting my "grandpa"

5.Gaming - ah ... nice memory. Right mario? you bet, first gaming experience at the age of 3!.

Look how Mario aged trough those years

5 Person i wanna tag!:

1. Elyse
2. Shen Ann
3. Mizz Nissa
4. Mr Prabha
5. Adele

Not this tag!

(Really have no idea who to put ... just put them in random -_-)


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