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Friday, January 23, 2009

Today's Randomness : 24th Jan 09

WTF is wrong with me?


Am i trying to get something that i will never will?

What am I trying to make out of this blog?!

But put some rationality on the table

By using nuffnang:

I took me one week to get 25 cents.

If i need at least RM50.00 to cash out, that will take me 200 weeks!

which is equivalent to 50 months. or 4 years!

on the other hand, what i get with advertlets:

with 15 views at my blog, i get 0.012 cents

which will take me 62500 views of me blog,

which is 208 times the current view of my blog!

WTF am i thinking! even when i have a son, i won't cash out i guess ...

This cruel world -_-

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