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Friday, February 6, 2009

Rock Discovery: Five Finger Death Punch

It's in your face of the month of February!

With five finger(s) that is ...

Five finger death punch aka 5FDP is the rock discovery of this month.

This band was formed in 2005 so they can be considered as a new (groove metal) band. What they sound like to me is slipknot but with less "heavyness" in their music. Their drumming is kinda fast pace as well. Their first album is called The Way of The Fist and released on 2006.

You bet this band is good because they got three singles that went on the charts.

Some of the songs that you should check out: Never enough, The bleeding and Stranger than fiction.

PS: I made a thing call the Rock Wall (taken from the concept of Cool Wall from Top Gear). The material name is the hardness meter of a band. More will be added from time to time. The Wall is below my profile and if you want your band to be there, just PM me and i will listen to the band (if i don't know them) and put it on the wall according to my preference. ^^

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