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Friday, March 27, 2009

'77 Dodge Van Color Shifter

As i was hunting for Hot Wheels in Giant, at the back of all the normal cars, guess what i found.


So i showed it to my brother and he pulled the card at the side.

From this ...
to this.

So he asked me, can it transform? (as he is a big fan of transformer: to him anything that change, it "transforms"). SO i brought him to the meat section and told him to put it in the ice box there.

My mom saw what both of us was doing so she ask; "what are you guys doing?". So i told her this will change color if the temperature changes. So she say if i want, i can take it?

Car opened

Information card on the back (Never knew Hot wheels is so informative ^^)

Custom Color ^^|||

At the end of the day, my bro took it and he changes the color every ten minutes -_-.

I showed to my grandma as well and she said that my aunty who works in mattel showed it to her years ago.

As a conclusion: Never show nice stuffs to my bro as it will eventually will become his

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Poll for next Gundam

I set up a poll to see which one to get:
MG Sinanju or
MG Gundam v2.0
Please vote ^^

Monday, March 16, 2009

Markers for Gunpla

Just some markers i use for coloring my Gundam models...

For most application, i use Sharpie (which is removable with my sweaty hand -_-) and of course the all time use panel line marker (a definite compulsory if you want to make your model look cool) and a Yellow Gundam marker (rarely use it ... money wasted T_T)...

Jewel forehead for most of the Second season can be painted in the back of it using the Red Sharpie, you may not see in the photo but really produces a nice clear paint.

And in my crap list, Shachihata Artline Silver marker and Painty White marker. For the Artline, it produces a very thick layer and it is very obvious (and fuck ugly too). As for the Painty, it NEVER FUCKING DRY !!! I guess i will burn it later (and make a video for it too ^^)

Some part of this SD is painted with the marker, i even paint using the Painty and later scrape it off with a pocket knife after it doesn't seem to dry after hours of waiting ...

and Last but not least ... All hail the mighty :

Yes, the Gundam Marker Chrome ... this is the Sutras of Buddhism, the Bible of Christianity and the Holy Grail of Plamodeling (okay, i was over exaggerating) ... i use it for detailing up stuffs such as piston or some joints to make it look metal and mechanical.

My successful lab rat, beam rifle of MG Aile Strike ...

I guess thats all that i have. Those are the markers that i use for Plamodeling ...

Some shots of the finished Aile Strike

And this is my table shot as of March 6 ... I relayout again after that

As you can see, My ferrari is still on pending -_-||| ...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Neck ache...

in the morning ... Feel as though I'm hangover ...

Just giving some updates (as though anyone is reading or anyone cares)

I'm having my semester break now till next Saturday, but I'm filling up my time with games only ...

I've completed my MG Aile Strike and HG 00 Raiser Designer's Color Ver.

If anyone want a coverage on it, please leave a comment on this post or the chat box ...

So i will try my best to get of my lazy but to snap some shots for you guys ...

So i guess that's it ...







Friday, March 6, 2009

Some GETS from Queensbay

So i hit Qbay last Sunday and this is what i got from it ...

HGIF Gundam 00 Character B-side Neena Trinity (got it from a gashapon machine) for RM12

Chance of getting me is 25%

SD Exia (a pain in the ass to paint ) for RM24

Paint me good or i'll slice you!

and last but not least HG 00 Raiser Designer color ver (awesomely beautiful kit) for RM80


More shots will be taken when i got free time

Perish in the flames

As you might not know, i have not been blogging for a while because of few reasons (i guess). And one of them is that my PC was attacked with virus and in desperate measures, i have to format my computer. MY PC IS G*DD*MN DEAD *sob*.

Well, i'll be updating bout stuffs later on as I'm quite busy because this semester is kinda short. See ya guys!