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Friday, March 27, 2009

'77 Dodge Van Color Shifter

As i was hunting for Hot Wheels in Giant, at the back of all the normal cars, guess what i found.


So i showed it to my brother and he pulled the card at the side.

From this ...
to this.

So he asked me, can it transform? (as he is a big fan of transformer: to him anything that change, it "transforms"). SO i brought him to the meat section and told him to put it in the ice box there.

My mom saw what both of us was doing so she ask; "what are you guys doing?". So i told her this will change color if the temperature changes. So she say if i want, i can take it?

Car opened

Information card on the back (Never knew Hot wheels is so informative ^^)

Custom Color ^^|||

At the end of the day, my bro took it and he changes the color every ten minutes -_-.

I showed to my grandma as well and she said that my aunty who works in mattel showed it to her years ago.

As a conclusion: Never show nice stuffs to my bro as it will eventually will become his

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