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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Journey through the

Not Decade, But Thailand ...

I 'll be making my journey on the 29th, might not be able to update a lot...
So see ya ^^
As for update, Just knew that Mastodon released a new album (very late update for me i guess -_-)
And i have made Facebook ^^ ...

Add me ^^

Thursday, May 14, 2009

KL trip part 1: Putra-san

As I get another chance to go to Metatech and Robocon 2009, i just grab my K800i and snap everything that i find interesting.

This is how the bus look like at 6.30 am.

The first stop that we make in this trip. Don't remember where is it. Was not bothered anyway. Only had bread for breakfast as i have bad experiences with highway food.

The bus look better but kinda deface by the half sticker

We meet again Putra!
A shot of the banner for the Metatech.

As this is my third time, I'm kinda familiar with what to do and when. A few weird thing about this trip is that we enter the exhibition using another door and i have a female partner this time ^^. So after a brief instruction by the lecturer, we are left to do what ever we want but must make sure that the leaflet that we collect must be at least 1 kg. So we went to have our lunch first. I have McD of course as it was noon. Cheap McValue Lunch ^^.

Then we enter the metatech to begin our adventure. Then i realized, you can't snap anything in the hall T_T

The center near the entrance ... (I didn't know that an idiot made the opening ceremony)
Escalator to Hall 2,3,4. We engineers tend to list things backwards.

A thing i realized is that this year a hall was reduced and more paper bags are being used instead of cloth bag. Maybe due to economy recession.

After walking for a while, rest and look at the view

Meet my partner in crime ^^

Next part : Lost in the center