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Monday, July 27, 2009

HGUC RX-121-1 Gundam TR-1 [Hazel Custom] - Part 1

***(Please skip this few paragraph except you're curious about my gundam background)***
Frankly, I have no real interest in HG Universal Century. I have no real interest in Universal Century to begin with. This is because I am the SEED generation. I must admit that after a while, i learned that SEED is the remake of Gundam 0079. And I stop watching gundam after mid way of SEED Destiny because we all know that was a total piece of junk. Not the mecha design but the storyline. I can go on for day why it was a piece of crap. And I won't even give childish remarks and tolerate your point of view.

The fact is that UC timeline was created in 1979 and that is 9 years before I was born. So frankly, the first Gundam show that I saw in my life was Wing and I don't understand the storyline one bit. I was just in the show watching some robot blasting each other. So basically, the first show that I really understood was Gundam Seed when I was 14. After a while then I started digging for the UC stuff (such as Zeta movies, and recently watching 0083).

Now, I saw the Hazel Custom a while back. I was shocked because it was the same one that was given as a gift for Dengeki Hobby a while back. Since Hazel Custom was one of my most favourite design of all time, I couldn't resist the temptation and got myself one for RM54.00 from Robot Master in Queensbay, Penang.

Now we may begin the review ^^

The content of this kit is a manual and three packs of runners. On the back box contains information of advance of Zeta gundams.

Really gorgeous photo for the manual <3

This kit only contain 4 runners ; A runner being the multicolored one. All is molded the year 2005 except for polycap which is 1999. This kit also come with one foil sticker sheet and and a clear sticker sheet.

A relief compared to the earlier MG kit


For this part, I'm only gonna review the torso. The torso only contains 4 polycap joints ; one being the neck joint; 2 for the peg joints for the arms and one for the lower part of the torso.

The polycap for the joint allows the peg joint to move forward

After assembling the torso of the gundam, I have to say that I have to salute to Bandai. Bandai have the balls to produce a kit that is a High grade and 95% accurate to the lineart. If I knew HGUC was this good, I might have started buying long time a go. I was like "Whoa!!" when I completed the torso

Look at how colorful it is

Top view, still in shock after the assembly

I might stumble to more suprises when I continue to build this kit. Until then, wait for next part of my review.

Peace out!

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