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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Not the toy line that is currently being promoted by Bandai ^^

Robot tamashii literally translated as Robot Spirit...

This was the shot of the bus that we (the students that was chosen to go on this trip) were in. The truth is the point that i took was not my seat. I literally walked all the way to back of the just to take this shot.

Took this shot because the Logo for 98 commenwealth can be seen at the roundabout.

After this trip, i learn that almost every roundabout in KL has a name. WHO THE HELL NAMES ROUNDABOUT! Might as well name every junction, traffic lights and maybe even manholes. MALAYSIAN STUPIDITY I GUESS -_-.

And another thing about this trip is that it's my second experience of entering a stadium, first being a charity concert by THR in Stadium Batu Kawan (saw Reshmonu there ^^).

A shot outside the stadium (ignore the partner in crime)

As we entered the stadium, the second round of the robot competition was beginning. It was an awesome sight, seriously even though this event might be geeky for some people. The rule of the competition is that three robots will be placed on the field (which some sort represents hill, forest can a shrine that holds three drums or taiko). I guess the concept is japanese, and that is why i titled the post in Romaji. So, two robots will be the carrier that will carry the drummer robot through the obstacles to drum the three taikos.

Me and Anyie was sitting near a group of MMU students and they were supporting their team ... Respect ^^

Some shots of the stadium and the event ...

My guess was one of the MMU group might have and it's a trip to Japan to them ^^ ... Yes, we miss the finals. Right after the semi-final round we set off back to Kulim. And we made a few stops ( i don't remember where) and as i was always lonely (except with Anyie of course) i took some shots out of boredom.

Congrats government for finding more ways of wasting our tax money ...

Highway (hotel) to Hell.

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