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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

KL trip part 2: Lost in the Center

Of what?
To me, it's the center of all shopping in KL. (Because it's the first time i've seen this in my life)

The concept is really simple, there is four shopping complexes that is arranged as a square, basically each of them are facing each other. How dumb is that? To me you're being challenge by three other shopping complexes that might either make you grow or kills you through competition (in price that is). But to the customers, ... (pause for a moment) ... ah, now i see.

After we got out from PWTC, we head to the shopping complex. When we got down from the bus, we had to walk through the Kia furniture mall (I guess) to reach the ... sorry "The Curve". It was a nice clean mall, some sort like Queensbay. I like the atmosphere, as i was only with my crime partner ^^ ... Then one ass spoilt it...

This was conversation between me and the worker at a record store ...

Me : Since you have a lot of CDs in here, can i ask whether you have this album or not.
RS worker : sure
Me : Remember the Day by Exit Ten
RS w :(replied in split seconds, faster that the speed of eye blinks which is the speed of ferrari shift gears) No...
Me : Are you sure (due to the fact that there are almost thousands of CDs in the shop)?
RS w : I know, okay?
Me : Well, fuck you

... okay, the last part didn't happen

Who needs an Affin Bank in there?

After exiting The Curve, we went on walking around the center of all those shopping complexes ...

I guess the designer made the sign tilted

Ring of nothingness
Nice motto ...

We didn't really enter cineleisure ... just walking around looking for stuffs as presents near there ... There was a live band playing some jazzy tunes too ... Awesome ...

Cacarocha, cacarocha, lalalalalalala ... -_-

After that, we head to the place that we will spend the night ... I even forgotten the name of that place ... It was kinda normal, not that luxury ...

This was my bed for that night ... Not too grand

Then i met a brother that staying next door because he was having training at that place and he suggested that I should take a train to Subang and spent the night there

My only chance of escaping ... which i didn't do, sadly ...

Finally the lecturer decided that we have our dinner at some restaurant ...

Hunting for food at night

Next morning, we set off to witness what i would say the best battle of college student spirits in my life so far

Mechanical department cowboys

Next part : Robot Tamashii

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