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Thursday, July 16, 2009

MG Gundam RX 78-2 Ver 2.0 - Part 1

I got this guy today morning when it was delivered by the courier. And the anticipation builds as will this Master Grade live up to the things that other reviewers are saying. Will this MG be the SH*T or just SH*T. Now this version of Master Grade is of course the ver 2.0 of the original released in 1995. Now, the earlier versions are made so that more details are incorporated at the external shell of the Gundam itself. But v2.0 goes the other way around, it emphasizes more on the endoskeleton and retain the old school look on the TV series.

First things first, as most of the reviews says (or complain) that the model has small feet and huge hands. Well, take a look at the mecha design sketch of the 1979 RX 78-2 Gundam, IT DOES HAVE SMALL FEET AND LARGE HANDS. So, no complain about that for me ^^

Moving on to the review

First thing in my mind : FREE GIFT ^^

Second thing on my mind : What the hell is this?

So, after checking all my contents, I was relieve that I got the version with a free gift in it but i still haven't figure out what it is... So moving on, the amount of runner in this kit : 14. So this guy is definitely gonna kill a lot of your time.

After cutting all the wrappers of the runner, collect them all and ...

Send them to sauna ^^ ...

After an hour of dipping the runner, i start assembly of the core fighter, and it was full of surprises ( of gimmicks), it is way more complicated than the core splendor of MG Force Impulse. One of it is that when push the nose in, the pilot cockpit automatically shift to MS piloting view. The other is that when you push the nose down to form the core block, the tail of it goes down as well. Awesome

Look at the size of it, It was HELL to paint too !

Core Fighter done ...

Amuro Ray, Ikimasu!

Next, I move on to the assembly of the body, I found out that it uses piston movement for the shoulder joing which is really cool. Even a car's shock absorber isn't that sophisticated. Also, the air vent move simultaneously. It is beginning to overtake all of the MG gimmicks in my collection o_O... (Except for Unicorn ver. Ka that is)

OOOO ... Shiny ....

Complicated ...

Compared to the exsoskeleton...

That all for now, I'll be moving on to the backpack in part 2


Kok Chee Kang said...

sorry, can i ask wat's the purpose of sendin those runners for "sauna" ?

KeviinX said...

The reason i dip the runners into the water is because oil substance that is created by the injection molding process. The dipping will remove the oil layer and paint can stick better on the layer ^^

Kok Chee Kang said...

ooo~.. icic,thanks for ur info yar..