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Sunday, July 19, 2009

MG Gundam RX 78-2 Ver 2.0 - Part 3

Hello and welcome to the part 3 of this legendary kit review ^^. This part I will concentrate more on the lower bottom of the kit. The feet is really cool compared to my other MGs in my collection. Most of the feet either can only fold downwards or upwards only. But v2.0 on the other hand can do both. This is due to the double peg joints. And the other part is that since it is following the original lineart from 1979 (I keep mentioning this a lot), the feet is slanting downward, but because of a joint at the tip of the feet can create the "Katoki" effect for the feets ^^

The twin peg joints for the feet

A feet partially completed

You can keep it normal style ...

Or the Uber "Katoki" style

Complete with the foot guard

Next we move the the upper part of the leg. Most of the newer kit incorporates the effect of link piston movement to the knee joint, and this is no exception for this kit as well. In fact, it also link the calf of the leg. So, two pistons move simultaneously when the leg is bent.

Endoskeleton of the leg

Assembled the knee guard and knee cap

Fixed it to the feet

I'm sorry that the review is kinda incomplete with the articulation that normally other reviewers done but I will cover it in the other part. With that, await the review of Part 4.

Oh, before I forget, This is how the Gundam ver 2.0 looks like when it is completed.

Gundam: F*ck you Keviin, F*ck you!

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