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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

MG Gundam RX 78-2 Ver 2.0 - Part 4

In part 4, I'll be reviewing the waist joint of the RX 78-2 ver 2.0. The waist joint of this kit which holds the two legs of the Gundam is only held by a Polycap part. It is weird that is does not have the joints of other MG kits that I built before such the MG Unicorn. This maybe due the legs joints being really well articulated. The joint for the side skirts and the back skirts move simulaneously which I think is a nice feature.

The internal build of the waist joint

The two pegs connects to the Core Fighter thrusters

With the waist joint completed, the RX 78-2 is ready to rollout from the Gundam Factory ^^. And, I say, this is one of the best looking MG Gundam out there. The look of the Gundam might not caught on in the beginning but after a while, it make sense why the Gundam series is still appreciated by the Japanese till now, after three decades. This is the icon of Real Robots in general.

Tried the Real G 1/1 look, didn't work I guess

Since the Gundam itself is completed, I will move on to the weapons that I have completed so far. And the first weapon would be the weapon that I eagerly wanted to build since I opened the box : THE GUNDAM HAMMER. The first time I saw RX 78-2 uses this weapon was from the videogame "Gundam Battle Assault 2" (PSX). Oh man, using the special attack and Amuro saying "Gundam Hammah" was so cool. The weapon itself is a reuse runner from the MG Turn A Gundam kit. It consists of a runner with13 parts, a chain and two connectors for the chain.

Scene from Gundam Battle Assault 2

Runner for the Gundam Hammer

Gundam Hammer Completed

Me with my hammer ^^

Next weapon that I assembled was the beam rifle and the Super Napalm . I assembled this together because I want to leave the Super Napalm attached to the beam rifle at all times. Nice feature for the beam rifle is that it has an internal build as well.

Internal Structure of the beam rifle

Semi completed beam rifle

Building the Super napalm

Posing with two completed weapon

Stand and be proud Gundam ... Happy 30th Birthday ^^

Wait for Part 5

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Kok Chee Kang said...

nice one~.. huhu,hope to get the mechanical clear version for myself but i think very hard