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Sunday, July 26, 2009

MG Gundam RX 78-2 Ver 2.0 - Part 5 (Finale)

This is the final part of the review where I will review the weapons that I left off from the earlier parts and the articulation. Please note that I will touch the Beam Javelin because I am not bothered (at all). The reason I am doing this will be covered later.

Since most part are complete. That leaves us with only 4 runners to with. The shield is really simple in it's design and work quite well and sturdy. In one of the review on youtube, it stated that most of the newer design trying to omit the cross on the shield but this ver2.0 made it even clearer and cleaner. It also have gimmick for closing the view hole (i guess that's what they call it) in the shield.

4 more to go !

With a push of the tab...
No one can see me ^^

Front view of the completed shield
Back view of the shield

The only defensive equipment in his arsenal

The last equipment that I'm going to review is the Hyper Bazooka. Now this is a cool bazooka, Second compared to the Unicorn Ver. Ka's of course. The nozzle of the bazooka is molded as a piece so there is no gap in between the bazooka. The handle is also movable so the bazooka is better in posability. But my only gripe is that it is HELL to put it on! It should be more articulated so that it can be pose better.

The Bazooka handle in normal position

The handle in the other position

Completed Hyper Bazooka

Okay, this part I'm going to explain why I'm not even bothered to build it. This part is going to be a RANT, and I've warned you. Skip it if you don't' wanna read it. Now, the first thing would be that I normally don't build any equipment that can't be stored on the gundam itself like I normally do with other previous models. So, Bandai, why didn't you think of a method of storing the beam javelin. And, can't you give an extra beam saber holder to attach to it? that wouldn't cost you that much wasn't it? And can't you molded it in clear pink? Why even bother having an injection molding machine that mold 4 colors simultaneously when you gonna mold only one? Can't you just mold with the beam saber runner? Why, because it's a softer material? Who cares. Well I have one good reason that why you should molded it with the beam saber, because it is sharp! You know what Bandai, DO A BARREL ROLL!

Maybe if you're still curious, you can check the beam javelin on review websites such as Finally, we reach the end of the review which is the articulation.

The arm and the legs can be folded to almost 180 degrees

Tried to pull off a kneeling pose, quite okay to me

Gundam will shoot you in the eyes for watching porno on the net

Gundam Hammah!

Holding the bazooka the alternative way ^^

As you can see from the photos, the v2.0 is quite articulated and can pull of some dynamic poses.

Final verdict :
+ Points :
  • Extremely detail inner frameworks.
  • Pays tribute to the 1979 looks
  • A lot of weapons in disposal
- Points :
  • Beam Javelin is total crap for me
  • Exhaust on the backpack could have been better
Total score : 8 out of 10

Next up: HGUC Gundam Hazel Custom

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