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Friday, August 14, 2009

Project Exia x 00 Part 2

As things gets more interesting when I keep doing this project; I completed it today. But need to work on the weapon for this guy some other day.

Continued working on the other arm and this is how it looks like ...

Transplanted Exia's GN Drive as I scraped the Twin Drive idea.

Leftover parts ... Maybe can do something with it ... We'll see ...

Weapons that i need to work on ... Scraping the paint on the twin Sword II ...

Front view of the completed mods

Rear view

The gaps in between the shoulders may look weird but I'm loving it ...

Any comments guys? ... See you on the next part ...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Project Exia x 00 Part 1

Since my project of making a red 00 was a rubbish bin and my kid bro destroyed the Exia. Also waiting for the water slide decal for the MG Exia, I guess this is a good time to do something about those two kit. And what more better than combining those two kits to make it as one 0_0...
Some photos for the progress so far ...

Took the V fin of the 00 and attach it to the Exia

The shoulder and lower arm of Exia

The rubber cord is my weirdest idea ^^

More to come when I have the time

Monday, August 10, 2009

MG Exia Ignition has landed!

I know that I'm quite late of getting this kit. There are even models that are being auctioned in Japan 0_0...

A few pre build photos

Aw, crap ... The box is dented T_T

Awesome box art ... Can see the GN particles clearly


LED unit

Green Clear piece with laser imprints

Clear holographic cable

Soft material for the Repair mode cape

Saturday, August 8, 2009

HGUC RX-121-1 Gundam TR-1 [Hazel Custom] - Part 4 (Finale)

This is definitely the last and finale of the review for the HGUC Hazel Custom. For this part, I will cover the backpack, the booster shield and the poses that you can pull of from this bad boy.

The backpack for this guy is not as elaborate as most of the backpack of other main character gundam from the series (especially compared to those of Strike Freedom and Gundam Wing). Heck, it only holds on beam saber. It has a cool sliding mechanism so that you can pull the backpack back so that you can attach the booster shield to the back.

Without the backpack; it looks kinda awkward as the shoulder bulges to the back.

The core of the backpack

Primary part of the backpack completed
The yellow parts are molded individually which is cool

Slide the primary to the main part that connects the backpack to the gundam

Attaching the backpack to this guy adds a little depth to him

Now moving on to the booster shield. Now, this shield can be mounted on the arm of the gundam to replace the normal shield. Even on the construction manual shows the Hazel custom with the booster sheild. But since i have the philosophy of only build what that can be attached on the Gundam itself and I build the regular shield; so where do i put the booster sheild you ask? on the backpack of course. The design of the Hazel custom is similar to the advanced Hazel and since it is; the accessories of both kits are interchangable and I've seen on the net that you are able to attach 3 booster shields on the Hazel Custom 0_0.

Very simple build for the booster shield. Again, all the small yellow parts are molded individually

Forgotten to snap a photo before attaching the booster shield

Now we move on to the poses we can pull of with this guy. Let the photos do the talking

Front view of the completed guy

Rear view

Tried the Strike Signature pose but the leg wouldn't bend -_-

OMG a Zeong head!

Where did he go?

A simple pose

The clear sticker markings really add the detail to this kit

This guys new place in the family

Final verdict:
+ Points :
  • The only Hazel Custom kit produced by Bandai
  • Comes with clear sticker
  • A lot of detail for a HG kit
- Points :
  • Leg articulation is rubbish
  • Some parts are loose and will fall off (especially the hand)
  • The only Hazel Custom kit
Total score : 6.5 out of 10

Thursday, August 6, 2009

HGUC RX-121-1 Gundam TR-1 [Hazel Custom] - Part 3

Third part of this kit review.
Before I begin, I would like to ask a favor to those who visit this blog.
1. Please vote
and 2. please leave a comment, a hi would do so that I know that there is someone out there that is reading this.

Okay, continue with the review. Up till this point, I can say that I am impressed with most of the kit but there are some flaws. Mostly is the color for the small parts. Bandai should learn somethings from Kotobukiya as not everyone is having all the shades of color markers and we are not building kits professionally and painting it using the airbrush. So, please please please prepaint some of the small parts so that I don't have to bother painting it.

I love the design of the Hazel Custom cause of the leg design; it is totally radical and not the normal conventional design of most Gundam. But due to this design (and bulkiness), it hinders the movement of the leg and I was expecting it. But I didn't knew that it has the "sandal's gimmick" of the Astray Red frame. This add a little more posibility to this kit.

Coolest looking leg ever

Side view of the leg

This is the best bend that I can pull off ...

As you can see, the side vent of the leg is painted and I was having a hell of a time painting it (with paint sticking to my finger); and sticking back to the leg itself. So I have to sand the part that got paint (as I am not good with scrapping the paint off with a knife) and repaint it a few times as the same crappy thing keeps happening to me >.<||| Moving on to the waist of this model, it is the usual like other kits. But the difference for this kit is that the groin region is a little bulging so it look as though this guy is having an erection ^^
The V symbol is painted as well.
Didn't have much trouble because only small amount of paint required.

Lower part of the model completed

After fixing it to the top portion of the kit ...


As of this moment; this kit is my most favourite among HGs

Just look at it; even though the articulation of the leg is crap; but this guy is just too awesome!

Try a kneeling pose; hand went for gluing process

One more part and I'll finish this guy as only the backpack and the shields left.

PS: The hand is unglued is total sh*t

Peace out!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

HGUC RX-121-1 Gundam TR-1 [Hazel Custom] - Part 2

Continuing from where I left of, I will move on to the head of this kit. It's just the basic construction of all kinds of Gundam head so I see no differences to regular HGs. But since it has elaborated design, it contain quite a few number of parts.

I have no idea why the eyes of this gundam looks so sad

Custom V-fin... Look something like Gundam X
Completed head attached to the torso

Since the manual does not have the flow of Master Grade's and 00 HG's (or is it just this manual>?) the next step is to build the weapon for this unit which is the beam rifle and the shield. The beam rifle is cool but the downside is that there is no foil sticker for the scope on the beam rifle. The shield on the other hand is more detailed.

Side view of the beam rifle; don't mistaken the back as the front cause of the design ^^

Painted the scope ... not that nice in my opinion -_-...

Oh ya; another minus point is that the rifle is molded in blue not gray as shown in the manual ... CURSE YOU BANDAI!

A clean looking shield, the detail is quite good as well

Painted the lower handle part with gold marker

The arm has a very simple double joint but it does the work of producing a 180 degree bend. But the policap for the lower part that holds the hand causes the seamlines to leave a gap. So a solution that I did was cut a bit of it to reduce the gap. Not bothered to seal them though.

Simplicity works!

Can still do a 180 degrees bend with the armor panels on

The seam lines is a pain in the eye!

Till next part; will be reviewing the legs which doesn't bend much but look badass cool ^^

Peace out!