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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

HGUC RX-121-1 Gundam TR-1 [Hazel Custom] - Part 2

Continuing from where I left of, I will move on to the head of this kit. It's just the basic construction of all kinds of Gundam head so I see no differences to regular HGs. But since it has elaborated design, it contain quite a few number of parts.

I have no idea why the eyes of this gundam looks so sad

Custom V-fin... Look something like Gundam X
Completed head attached to the torso

Since the manual does not have the flow of Master Grade's and 00 HG's (or is it just this manual>?) the next step is to build the weapon for this unit which is the beam rifle and the shield. The beam rifle is cool but the downside is that there is no foil sticker for the scope on the beam rifle. The shield on the other hand is more detailed.

Side view of the beam rifle; don't mistaken the back as the front cause of the design ^^

Painted the scope ... not that nice in my opinion -_-...

Oh ya; another minus point is that the rifle is molded in blue not gray as shown in the manual ... CURSE YOU BANDAI!

A clean looking shield, the detail is quite good as well

Painted the lower handle part with gold marker

The arm has a very simple double joint but it does the work of producing a 180 degree bend. But the policap for the lower part that holds the hand causes the seamlines to leave a gap. So a solution that I did was cut a bit of it to reduce the gap. Not bothered to seal them though.

Simplicity works!

Can still do a 180 degrees bend with the armor panels on

The seam lines is a pain in the eye!

Till next part; will be reviewing the legs which doesn't bend much but look badass cool ^^

Peace out!

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