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Thursday, August 6, 2009

HGUC RX-121-1 Gundam TR-1 [Hazel Custom] - Part 3

Third part of this kit review.
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Okay, continue with the review. Up till this point, I can say that I am impressed with most of the kit but there are some flaws. Mostly is the color for the small parts. Bandai should learn somethings from Kotobukiya as not everyone is having all the shades of color markers and we are not building kits professionally and painting it using the airbrush. So, please please please prepaint some of the small parts so that I don't have to bother painting it.

I love the design of the Hazel Custom cause of the leg design; it is totally radical and not the normal conventional design of most Gundam. But due to this design (and bulkiness), it hinders the movement of the leg and I was expecting it. But I didn't knew that it has the "sandal's gimmick" of the Astray Red frame. This add a little more posibility to this kit.

Coolest looking leg ever

Side view of the leg

This is the best bend that I can pull off ...

As you can see, the side vent of the leg is painted and I was having a hell of a time painting it (with paint sticking to my finger); and sticking back to the leg itself. So I have to sand the part that got paint (as I am not good with scrapping the paint off with a knife) and repaint it a few times as the same crappy thing keeps happening to me >.<||| Moving on to the waist of this model, it is the usual like other kits. But the difference for this kit is that the groin region is a little bulging so it look as though this guy is having an erection ^^
The V symbol is painted as well.
Didn't have much trouble because only small amount of paint required.

Lower part of the model completed

After fixing it to the top portion of the kit ...


As of this moment; this kit is my most favourite among HGs

Just look at it; even though the articulation of the leg is crap; but this guy is just too awesome!

Try a kneeling pose; hand went for gluing process

One more part and I'll finish this guy as only the backpack and the shields left.

PS: The hand is unglued is total sh*t

Peace out!

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