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Saturday, August 8, 2009

HGUC RX-121-1 Gundam TR-1 [Hazel Custom] - Part 4 (Finale)

This is definitely the last and finale of the review for the HGUC Hazel Custom. For this part, I will cover the backpack, the booster shield and the poses that you can pull of from this bad boy.

The backpack for this guy is not as elaborate as most of the backpack of other main character gundam from the series (especially compared to those of Strike Freedom and Gundam Wing). Heck, it only holds on beam saber. It has a cool sliding mechanism so that you can pull the backpack back so that you can attach the booster shield to the back.

Without the backpack; it looks kinda awkward as the shoulder bulges to the back.

The core of the backpack

Primary part of the backpack completed
The yellow parts are molded individually which is cool

Slide the primary to the main part that connects the backpack to the gundam

Attaching the backpack to this guy adds a little depth to him

Now moving on to the booster shield. Now, this shield can be mounted on the arm of the gundam to replace the normal shield. Even on the construction manual shows the Hazel custom with the booster sheild. But since i have the philosophy of only build what that can be attached on the Gundam itself and I build the regular shield; so where do i put the booster sheild you ask? on the backpack of course. The design of the Hazel custom is similar to the advanced Hazel and since it is; the accessories of both kits are interchangable and I've seen on the net that you are able to attach 3 booster shields on the Hazel Custom 0_0.

Very simple build for the booster shield. Again, all the small yellow parts are molded individually

Forgotten to snap a photo before attaching the booster shield

Now we move on to the poses we can pull of with this guy. Let the photos do the talking

Front view of the completed guy

Rear view

Tried the Strike Signature pose but the leg wouldn't bend -_-

OMG a Zeong head!

Where did he go?

A simple pose

The clear sticker markings really add the detail to this kit

This guys new place in the family

Final verdict:
+ Points :
  • The only Hazel Custom kit produced by Bandai
  • Comes with clear sticker
  • A lot of detail for a HG kit
- Points :
  • Leg articulation is rubbish
  • Some parts are loose and will fall off (especially the hand)
  • The only Hazel Custom kit
Total score : 6.5 out of 10

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