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Thursday, November 26, 2009

75th post ... > 1k views Special

This is a special post to commemorate the 75th post of my blog and above 1ooo views from you guys ... THANK YOU ...

As you guys may have know, I am really in Gunplas. With the current project which is the MG Exia stuck halfway, I can't seem to make a review for that yet. For that, I am sorry.

So for this post, I am gonna post something about my gaming side. One of the most epic game that I have played is Super Metroid for the SNES. Undeniably it is one of the most epic game that I have played in my life. The storyline is immense that pulls the player in. With multiple power up in your disposal, definitely it can be considered as one of the best game of all time.

One of the best game title ever

As a retro gamer, it tends to be hard for me to accept new games in my favorite games to play. But this specific game has shown to me that there are good game nowadays as well. And the game that I am going to talk today is Crysis by Crytek. There is only one word that can describe this game: UBER.

Shooting aliens is COOL

The gameplay can be considered revolutionizing in my opinion as the nanosuit mode change does make into strategy. Open ended level allows you to tackle the mission from different angle. The plot change in the middle of the game can be considered as one of the best twist in a game plot ever.



PS: Sorry Fadzli for the things I said earlier about Crysis

Friday, November 20, 2009

Rock IS Dead. Period.

Words from Marilyn Manson is definitely true. What kind of rubbish is currently being played on radios these days?

Singles that being played on the mainstream radios are songs that lyrics can be made up when the artist is crapping in the toilet. Seriously, how can a song that repeatedly singing about numbers in two languages can be on the charts? And younger generations are in to it?!

I know that there shitty rock bands and song out there that only screams about devil worshiping and murdering religious icons. And there are mainstream bands that only wants to make money by making songs so catchy or so emo that fan girls bow to their feet.

But nothing, seriously nothing come close to the beauty and sophistication of rock music. You just have to find the right stuffs. One of the method is to find bands that are "fresh". They are new in the industry and they tend to experiment with their music as they are not making music for the money.

And then there are the veteran group where they are not interested in money but getting their message to their fans. Whatever it is rock music ROCKS my life.

PS: T-Pain you freaking auto-tune and Linkin Park; I USED to love you guys. Go suck some balls.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Project Exia x 00 Part 3

A few shot to compare the 00 Exia with the original 00

Battle between the real and the fake ...

Differento Angle

No idea why but love the blur shot

Side by side comparison and also the color scheme

The fake looks okay to me ...

As chubbybot commented that it looks like evangelion ... so for the fun of it

EVA awakens!!!

Maybe there will be another part to show some shots with weapon poses...