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Friday, November 20, 2009

Rock IS Dead. Period.

Words from Marilyn Manson is definitely true. What kind of rubbish is currently being played on radios these days?

Singles that being played on the mainstream radios are songs that lyrics can be made up when the artist is crapping in the toilet. Seriously, how can a song that repeatedly singing about numbers in two languages can be on the charts? And younger generations are in to it?!

I know that there shitty rock bands and song out there that only screams about devil worshiping and murdering religious icons. And there are mainstream bands that only wants to make money by making songs so catchy or so emo that fan girls bow to their feet.

But nothing, seriously nothing come close to the beauty and sophistication of rock music. You just have to find the right stuffs. One of the method is to find bands that are "fresh". They are new in the industry and they tend to experiment with their music as they are not making music for the money.

And then there are the veteran group where they are not interested in money but getting their message to their fans. Whatever it is rock music ROCKS my life.

PS: T-Pain you freaking auto-tune and Linkin Park; I USED to love you guys. Go suck some balls.

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