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Saturday, December 26, 2009

MG MBF-P03R Blue Frame Astray Second Revise Part I : Feet

This was one of the model kit that I wish it would get a Master Grade treatment. The 1/100 NG Blue Frame Second L was released back in 2004 and after 5 years of waiting, Bandai finally granted my wish. I have helped my friend build the limited edition Red Frame Second L so that was one of my first experience in building gundam. Since then, this model was one of my top list to buy.

But after getting it, I have no idea why I seem to lost the mood in building gundam, maybe because of my final exam a few weeks ago. So finally this morning I motivated myself to build this guy and I only manage to build his feet -_-|||

So, I will review the feet with the photos that I have taken.

The "high heels" ... Got more detail than the NG version.

The back view, the Armor Schneider is now obvious because of the silver paint.

Painted silver for some of the details.

Armor Schneider extended

The only articulation for the foot. No more slipper action i guess.

More to come. Might consider buying the no grade one to make the comparison.

Peace out!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Deja Vu(doo Spell) All Over

Just finish with MG Exia Ignition Mode, now I'm gonna start with MG Blue Frame Second Revise. For the Exia, I will not post part by part review I forgotten to snap photo during the building process. But I will with the Blue Frame.

So many runners 0_0

Action Base 2 and Bonus swap parts ^_^

More to come ... Stay tune ^_^