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Friday, December 24, 2010

Project Blog "Re:Boot"

Yeap, 2010 was kinda dead year for my blog. Pathetic 3 post for the whole year including this?! I guess my attention span has dropped drastically. I can't even pick up Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and play it for more than 30 minutes. And finally today after having if for a year, I manage to finish Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time for the Nintendo DS.

And then there is the unbuilt Gundams. I mean the MG Blue Frame that I bought a year ago is still in the box. This is just the progress of it. I mean literally, I just build the foot of my most anticipated Gundam in my life and left the bloody kit in the box. Just the bloody foot!

So we come back to the issue. Why I'm loosing my concentration on something? I guess I have to blame my age for it and also my forgetfulness, and my age. Did I already said age?

What will become of this blog? This is something that I can't answer for sure. But one thing for sure, changes. It might not be the exploding type, subtle changes here and there. And I got the feeling that it will be more of me ranting bout this and that. And since my blog is like a mix pile of junk, you can't really expect anything. Even this blog post just came out of nowhere. Not that kind of "came". But it is NOW HERE ain't it?


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Anonymous said...

Hi - I am really glad to find this. Good job!