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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Reasons why I'm NOT hyped about Transformers 3

No, seriously, I don't. It's not that I hate transformers or something. The first movie was okay, and when the second movie came out and I read some of the review, I was kinda skeptical. The main question that was running through my mind was, "Is it really that bad?".

I mean people don't just drop the title Worst Movie of the Decade on a box office movie that grossed 16 mil on it's opening night. It's like your telling someone that Einstein is a bloody idiot for creating the formula e=mc^2 eventhough 70% of modern era physic formulas are derived from it.

Now coming back to the reason why I'm posting this. First reason would be you are paying your money for a two hours advertisement for General Motors. Seriously. All the lead Autobots, in fact all autobots vehicle counterpart is based from GM vehicles. I may sound like a whiny true blue fan of the G1 transformers but why can't they just let the vehicle counterpart to at least look how they look like in the animations? You may say there was a Decepticon Audi in the second movie but it didn't even get 5 seconds of screen time and was sliced into half (was it a method of advertising for GM as well).

The second reason would be the whole plot itself. I mean the whole plot is definitely written by a lunatic or something. There's so much contradiction. In the second movie it was mentioned that all Primes was killed by the Fallen. So how you gonna explain about Optimus's dad appearance in the third movie unless of course this movie is the prequel of the second movie.

You might be saying, "Owh shut up, we're paying to see the graphics!". Well, I would be more than happy to take that money and buy a bottle of beer and drink it while watching the grass grow and I bet I will get more entertainment than watching robot transform to cars for the third time in my life. Seriously, the reason why most of you guys was so happy after coming out from the theater hall from 149 minutes of rubbish is because something in your pants was happy because of Megan Fox. And that is just plain dumb.

Well, I bet the movie is going to do great in sales, and get hammered by the critics. But at least it's the last in the series and thank God for that!

Since you have wasted some of your time reading this, why don't you watch the G1 opening for the fun of it.

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Anonymous said...

haha.. well i guess u watched the two series though u saw the it as u tell...something in your pants happy....haha