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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas came early because of Nintendo

Rejoice Nintendo 3DS Ambassadors!

Definitely you guys had downloaded the 10 Gameboy Advance games that was available on Friday 16th. I'm just gonna write some short review on those games but more in a sense of how I felt connected to the games.

First Game on the list:
F-Zero: Maximum Velocity

This game personally I have played it, but upon trying it out on the 3DS, it feels kinda cool. I tried racing in one of the track and it felt like racing in futuristic high speed kinda race.

Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi’s Island

I played this on an emulator and it was the SNES version. The graphic in this game is amazing, the art style really suit the game. Basically it's a platformer with a twist where you can shoot the egg with Yoshi after it eats the enemy. BTW, don't let baby mario fly away because the cry is annoying as hell.

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

I haven't try this out but I believe that it is the second in the series to be released out of Japan. I have played the first game and I believe that the game is going to be similar. The gameplay is awesome and the storyline is engaging but at one point, it might be hard not to let anyone die during each mission.

Kirby & The Amazing Mirror

Oh Kirby, you cute little pink ball, or is it Jigglypuff? Anyway, this is similar to previous versions of Kirby where you suck up the enemy and consume their power to progress through the game. The difference? 4 Kirbys!

Mario Kart: Super Circuit

This is similar to the mario kart on the SNES. And it is kinda weird that Nintendo offered 2 racing games for the GBA Ambassador program. Is it because they didn't give any racing game in their NES list.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong

Personally, I'm not a big fan of this game. It's a puzzle that requires reflex and platforming skills which I personally do not have. Sad.

Metroid Fusion

This game is one of the best on the list. This game is a bit different from the previous Metroid game due to it being kinda linear in the beginning but none the less, this game is awesome.

Wario Land 4

This is a replacement of Mario. Really cool as the controls are expanded from the normal Mario games. And the exploration to collect the treasure and CDs are really a nice touch. Love it, third best game in the list for me.

WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgames

Uses the concept of 5 second mini games, this game will definitely get you hooked and test your reflexes. Even my girlfriend, Jes was playing it non stop. Cool.

and last but not least
Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap

Basically this whole post was a build up to this game. This was the game that I was hunting for years after I have gotten my Gameboy Advance. But was to no avail due to the fact that GBA games are mostly fake when it is sold in Malaysia. Even after looking up on Amazon, the price of the game even without the box and manual was to costly. But finally, I got this game even though for a virtual copy, it's good enough. The best game that has been given by Nintendo in their Ambassador program and one of the best Christmas present ever.

Hey look, we at the top of his list. F**k yea!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011 Birthday Invasion!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (Android) Review

Alright, time for a review! This time I'm gonna review Need for Speed Hot Pursuit for the Android. Since I'm running this game on HTC Sensation, I'm gonna base this review on that phone. There might be some resolution and loading time differences on different model of phone that you use to play this game.

The title screen


On the graphic side, this game really amazes me. It may not be vibrant as games like Asphalt 6 Adrenaline but the approach that EA went with this game is more realism. The detail on the cars are awesome. I zoomed in on the cars like Ford GT and the grills are still gorgeous and does not pixelate. Even the presentation on the tracks is detailed, the trees and the background are so detailed. The developer has definitely put the effort in this game to make it look beautiful.


The controls of this game, you can either love it or hate it. I'm some sort of the middle. It feels really weird for me to play a racing game without pressing buttons or analogue stick. Of course the control scheme are similar of other racing games on touch screen devices. It uses accelerometer to steer and by touching the left portion of the screen, you brake. You can activate the Nitrous by sliding your finger upward and by sliding downward while turning hard will allow you to do a handbrake turn. Of course there are trick under your sleeve whether you're a racer or a cop. Racer can activate jammer, oil slick and also overdrive to overcome the cops and the cops can stop the racer by using spikestrip, EMP and roadblock.

The detail on the track and the car is good for a mobile racer


The roar of the engine of each car are distinguishable between all the cars available in the car. Talking about cars, there are total of 20 cars in the game and 10 of them are the same for both racer and cops. The sound of vacuum machine of RX-8 to the sound similar to F1 of Zonda Cinque are recognizable in this game. And the soundtrack of this game is similar to the console's, so I guess it is a plus point. But sadly the intro song by 30 Second to Mars is absent in this version.

Spoiler, Y U no go up?!


As a whole, this game is a solid racing entry to the mobile platform. Every aspect in this game is polished and the game is really fun to play.

Rating : 7 out of 10.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Extinction does not kill the spirit of Mastodon

So I got my hands on "Mastodon: Live at the Aragon" (figuratively) and been listening to the concert DVD for the part in Crack the Skye album. And all I have to say is, it is effin phenomenal. Crack the Skye is Mastodon's fourth album and it is, in my opinion the cleanest of the four.

One of the most gorgeous looking album cover ever.

Now, the content of the concert might be lacking compared to "Beside You in Time" by Nine Inch Nails but I'd say that it is an awesome job of Mastodon for their first live album.

The title menu.

As you can see in the menu, it has four basic option of playing the concert, choosing the song, audio set up and Crack the Skye: The Movie which is the same movie that is played in the background when they play the concert.

The track list of the concert is basically all the songs that are contained in Crack the Skye album and in their proper arrangement as well which is awesome as the flow of the songs is not disrupted. They also play a song each from each of their previous album. They even play Circle of Cysquatch from their Blood Mountain album.

But of course, the main highlight for me was the epic 10 minutes and 13 minutes long "The Czar" and "The Last Baron" from their Crack the Skye album. Kudos to them for being able to perform it live.

Some screenshots of the DVD:

Opening drumming of Oblivion.

Crack the Skye movie being played in the back.

The crowd.

Brent Hinds join in the fun of singing.

Go, Troy, shred their heads off!

LONG LIVE MASTODON. Oh, and can't wait for "The Hunter"

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Final Fa(ke)ntasy

As everyone might know, I'm a sucker for Nintendo. Seriously... I own a Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, DSi and a Wii. I've played nearly every version of Super Mario, Legend of Zelda and Metroid out there. And nearly every product of Nintendo amazes me with their innovation and gameplay but of course they lack in their graphics department.

Now, the main reason I bought myself a Nintendo DSi is to play Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. This game is the successor to the much acclaimed turned based strategy, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for the Game Boy Advance. I even asked my dad's friend to get the FFTA2 when getting the DSi. But what I got was Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle: Echoes of Time which is a dungeon crawler.

So after a year of having the DSi, I thought why not just hunt it on the internet. And I found one on an online store called Gameyea. And it was only $21 which was too good to be true. Of course following my urges, i bought it and have it mailed to my house. After coming back from Sarawak, with all hopes high I went to my study table to find my parcel sitting quietly there. I tore the envelope and the packaging to find...

Hey, at least the title is right, right?

The back view is kinda convincing too, right?

Well, if you've been buying original DS games, you definitely know that the casing for the game is black, which is a contrast to the picture above as the game is in a white casing. And the casing was thicker compared to the normal casing and the printing on the game cover was in faded color as well.

The disappointment contained.

So I opened the casing hoping to find all the crap that is normally in the original one. But all that contained in the casing was just a so called manual and the game cartridge. Normally there will be a slip for the nintendo club code, a health precaution manual, a wifi manual and the game manual itself. But all that is in here is just A manual. Just A MANUAL.

Words and pictures taken from Gamespot. Lolz...

I tried to read the manual but after a few pages I realised that it is just a copy and paste from someone's review from the video game review site Gamespot. Even at the bottom right of each picture has a Gamespot watermark. Weird.

Then I took the cartridge out of the holder and turning it around. The circuit board is kinda weird and there is no proper random number printing like other cartridge that I have. In fact, there is only one number printed on the board. And also the laser printing on the back of the cartridge is weird as the Zeroes (0) does not have a dot in the middle of it.

There are no dots in my Os.

Well, since all the clues does pointed out that the game is a fake, I might just as well boot it up. Inserting the cartridge into slot was kinda hard as it was not smooth like always. So I booted up and ...

Hey, It might just work...