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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Final Fa(ke)ntasy

As everyone might know, I'm a sucker for Nintendo. Seriously... I own a Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, DSi and a Wii. I've played nearly every version of Super Mario, Legend of Zelda and Metroid out there. And nearly every product of Nintendo amazes me with their innovation and gameplay but of course they lack in their graphics department.

Now, the main reason I bought myself a Nintendo DSi is to play Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. This game is the successor to the much acclaimed turned based strategy, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for the Game Boy Advance. I even asked my dad's friend to get the FFTA2 when getting the DSi. But what I got was Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle: Echoes of Time which is a dungeon crawler.

So after a year of having the DSi, I thought why not just hunt it on the internet. And I found one on an online store called Gameyea. And it was only $21 which was too good to be true. Of course following my urges, i bought it and have it mailed to my house. After coming back from Sarawak, with all hopes high I went to my study table to find my parcel sitting quietly there. I tore the envelope and the packaging to find...

Hey, at least the title is right, right?

The back view is kinda convincing too, right?

Well, if you've been buying original DS games, you definitely know that the casing for the game is black, which is a contrast to the picture above as the game is in a white casing. And the casing was thicker compared to the normal casing and the printing on the game cover was in faded color as well.

The disappointment contained.

So I opened the casing hoping to find all the crap that is normally in the original one. But all that contained in the casing was just a so called manual and the game cartridge. Normally there will be a slip for the nintendo club code, a health precaution manual, a wifi manual and the game manual itself. But all that is in here is just A manual. Just A MANUAL.

Words and pictures taken from Gamespot. Lolz...

I tried to read the manual but after a few pages I realised that it is just a copy and paste from someone's review from the video game review site Gamespot. Even at the bottom right of each picture has a Gamespot watermark. Weird.

Then I took the cartridge out of the holder and turning it around. The circuit board is kinda weird and there is no proper random number printing like other cartridge that I have. In fact, there is only one number printed on the board. And also the laser printing on the back of the cartridge is weird as the Zeroes (0) does not have a dot in the middle of it.

There are no dots in my Os.

Well, since all the clues does pointed out that the game is a fake, I might just as well boot it up. Inserting the cartridge into slot was kinda hard as it was not smooth like always. So I booted up and ...

Hey, It might just work...



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