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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (Android) Review

Alright, time for a review! This time I'm gonna review Need for Speed Hot Pursuit for the Android. Since I'm running this game on HTC Sensation, I'm gonna base this review on that phone. There might be some resolution and loading time differences on different model of phone that you use to play this game.

The title screen


On the graphic side, this game really amazes me. It may not be vibrant as games like Asphalt 6 Adrenaline but the approach that EA went with this game is more realism. The detail on the cars are awesome. I zoomed in on the cars like Ford GT and the grills are still gorgeous and does not pixelate. Even the presentation on the tracks is detailed, the trees and the background are so detailed. The developer has definitely put the effort in this game to make it look beautiful.


The controls of this game, you can either love it or hate it. I'm some sort of the middle. It feels really weird for me to play a racing game without pressing buttons or analogue stick. Of course the control scheme are similar of other racing games on touch screen devices. It uses accelerometer to steer and by touching the left portion of the screen, you brake. You can activate the Nitrous by sliding your finger upward and by sliding downward while turning hard will allow you to do a handbrake turn. Of course there are trick under your sleeve whether you're a racer or a cop. Racer can activate jammer, oil slick and also overdrive to overcome the cops and the cops can stop the racer by using spikestrip, EMP and roadblock.

The detail on the track and the car is good for a mobile racer


The roar of the engine of each car are distinguishable between all the cars available in the car. Talking about cars, there are total of 20 cars in the game and 10 of them are the same for both racer and cops. The sound of vacuum machine of RX-8 to the sound similar to F1 of Zonda Cinque are recognizable in this game. And the soundtrack of this game is similar to the console's, so I guess it is a plus point. But sadly the intro song by 30 Second to Mars is absent in this version.

Spoiler, Y U no go up?!


As a whole, this game is a solid racing entry to the mobile platform. Every aspect in this game is polished and the game is really fun to play.

Rating : 7 out of 10.